Josh Roby

Chief Technology Officer

As the CTO of EVRCOOL, Josh provides Strategic Sales and Product Leadership for the organization.  In this role he brings a unique “Voice of Customer” input to the EVRCOOL product development process that drives the company’s core value of INNOVATION and enables EVRCOOL to introduce new disruptive technology to the process chiller industry which has historically been technologically stagnant.  

Josh brings nearly 30yrs of engineering and technical leadership experience with a unique combination of deep technical knowledge and breadth of engineering disciplines and industries. Josh started his career designing high speed automation and packaging equipment.  From there he spent several years working in automotive engineering where he was responsible for setting up an innovation center for BorgWarner Thermal Systems where he pioneered their product strategy for the transition to hybrid & electric vehicles.  He then spent 3 years as a program manager for an engineering consulting firm working with startup companies, specifically in the medical device space. The last 9 years of Josh’s career were with Dimplex Thermal Solutions where he held a range of technical leadership roles where he was responsible for directing every element of process chiller engineering, design, sourcing, and manufacturing.

Josh completed dual B.S. degrees in Mechanical &Electrical Engineering from Kettering University (formerly GMI Engineering & Management Institute) in Flint, MI.  He then went on to obtain a M.S. degree in Engineering, and completed the course work for a Ph.D. in Engineering from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA before leaving academia to pursue his entrepreneurial interests.

Josh and his wife, Wendy enjoy spending their time with their 4 teenage children, Benaiah, Sierra, Brillianna, & Micaiah. Outside of family activities, Josh and Wendy are passionate about educating people on business success principles and leadership skills.  In addition to mentoring dozens of budding entrepreneurs in sales and marketing, they speak regularly at leadership workshops and conferences around the country.


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