The Industrial Chiller the World Has Been Waiting For

Designed for hassle-free serviceability

Connected for diagnostic ease

Designed for reliability

Smallest footprint on the market

Wide range of operating conditions through the use of VFD

Indoor/outdoor, flexible application use

Eco-Friendly, low GWP refrigerant

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Built for hassle-free serviceability

Unique swing-open door makes accessibility to internal components simple

Removeable compressor skid allows for quick change by trained technician minimizing system downtime

Connected for diagnostic ease

Onboard sensors monitor every aspect of the chiller operation and provide real-time diagnostic feedback through the IoT platform

Advanced algorithm designed for predictive maintenance for uninterrupted operation

Designed for Reliability

Minimal electrical connection points reduces the chances of failure

Stainless steel process plumbing

Built with high quality engineered components from proven and reliable supply chain

Each product undergoes full system end of line testing prior to shipment

Smaller footprint than any other industrial chiller on the market

Curved condenser coil integrated into the service access door utilizes 3 sides of the chiller for heat transfer, minimizing factory floor space requirements

Indoor and outdoor use, perfect for a wide range of customer equipment

Variable speed pumps

Variable speed condenser fan

Electronic expansion valves

Tandem compressors and motorized hot gas valves

Eco-friendly, low GWP refrigerant

Removable refrigeration unit enables the compressors and refrigeration control devices to be changed in the field without reclaiming refrigerant

Low GWP refrigerant meets California emission standards

Install and Chill

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Application Flexibility

EVRCOOL’s industrial chillers seamlessly integrate into a multitude of industrial settings, providing reliable and efficient cooling solutions across a wide range of operational scenarios. Whether facing varying environmental conditions or dynamic heat load demands, EVRCOOL's industrial process chillers deliver unmatched performance and adaptability, making them the top choice for industries seeking versatile and future-proof cooling solutions.