Water Chiller for Medical Equipment

EVRCOOL chillers are revolutionizing the way that medical equipment stays cool. Our water chillers tirelessly provide a steady stream of chilled water to keep your medical devices running smoothly and efficiently. EVRCOOL chillers are cool by nature, ensuring that equipment runs efficiently. Our chillers are designed to integrate seamlessly with medical technologies, offering peace of mind and excellent performance in critical healthcare environments.

The EVRCOOL Chiller

Unparalleled reliability

Designed for longevity in mind, EVRCOOL chillers utilize:

  • Purpose built printed circuit boards to minimize electrical connection points.  
  • Formed 304 stainless steel tubing to eliminate most connectors and threaded joints in the hydraulic circuit.
  • Tandem compressors that automatically rotate under part load conditions to extend the compressor life.
  • Stainless brazed heat exchangers for long-term DI water compatibility
  • Optics circuits with sealless magnetic drive variable speed pumps, prefilters, and suction pressure sensors to prevent pump cavitation.
  • Laser circuits with variable speed pumps and fluid prefilters
  • Active DI water control circuit to maximize DI filter life and minimize component erosion


EVRCOOL chillers seamlessly integrate with a multitude of systems, allowing compatibility with a wide range of setups. With variable speed fans and pumps and tandem compressors that intelligently adjust to customer-specific operating conditions, our chillers optimize energy consumption and efficiency.

Designed for serviceability

Uniquely designed with attention to longevity and serviceability, EVRCOOL chillers have:

  • A patent pending condenser access door that provides easy access to service the chiller mechanical components
  • A patent pending sliding refrigeration skid assembly that enables the refrigeration system to be quickly removed from the chiller for service without unbrazing copper fittings
  • Electronic sensors that provide remote monitoring and diagnostic data for the hydraulic and refrigeration systems
  • A valved quick connect fitting for draining the tank
  • A folding access door for filling the tank

Medical Equipment Compatibility:

MRI Machines

CT Scanners

Linear Accelerators in Radiation Therapy

PET Scanners

Medical Lasers

Electron Microscopes

Laboratory Equipment

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Application Flexibility

EVRCOOL’s industrial chillers seamlessly integrate into a multitude of industrial settings, providing reliable and efficient cooling solutions across a wide range of operational scenarios. Whether facing varying environmental conditions or dynamic heat load demands, EVRCOOL's industrial process chillers deliver unmatched performance and adaptability, making them the top choice for industries seeking versatile and future-proof cooling solutions.